Hi there...! I'm Rui Kagene, twin sister of Rei Kagene and, as some people would say, the "darker side" of Rin Kagamine.
My brother says I'm real feminine, but I don't really think that's true. I love to play soccer and ride around in skates every so often! I do know how to cook and play the violin.
If you ever want to talk, just say so! I'm always up for it!

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ask-kagene-rui-and-alex-deactiv sent: "I'm not... sure..."

"Oh…" (pauses) "Do you…like shopping…?"

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Hi there! Thanks for the follow!!

ask-kagene-rui-and-alex-deactiv sent: "Wanna erm... do something?" ((We've been here before you then. That explains a lot.))

"I-If you want too… What do you like to do…?"

((Figured, lol XD I knew somewhere down the line I’d meet another Rui RP’er))

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E-Erm… Hello… Other me… Thanks for following!

ask-kagene-rui-and-alex-deactiv sent: "Ermm..." ((I didnt even know there were more of us. XD ))

"S-So… Um…"

((XD My friend rp’s as Rei, but I don’t think she ever gets on anymore. We barely started our blogs about…a week ago?))

ask-kagene-rui-and-alex-deactiv sent: "Peachy..." (Wonder what Onii-chan would do if he saw this?)

"U-Um, o-okay…"

((Lol, don’t tell me there’s another one!))

ask-kagene-rui-and-alex-deactiv sent: "Thats what I want to know! How did this happen?!?!.... Excuse me for a moment." Walks out side, cuts dow tree with butcher knife in five second, walks back in. "How are you?" *twitch twitch*

"I don’t know!!" (blinks while she’s gone, tries to fake smile when she comes back in) "U-Um… A-Are you okay…? Your eye is twitching…."

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Miki smiled, “I’m glad you didn’t mean it like that. Oh, I try to be as social as I can, you know? I really like friends, so I want to make as many friends as I can.” she shrugged, “Well, maybe if you keep trying you’ll get stronger! I’m still not that good at it, but oh well. At first I was scared of falling but I’m not that scared anymore.” She giggled and her red eyes beamed, “Really! Hm, lets see. Well, theres all kinds of things we can do! We can go to the park, or eat somewhere? Oh, we can go to my place or something? Whatever is easier for you!”

"So do I! I would just be absolutely depressed all my life if I didn’t have any friends…" Rui smiled. "Hehe, I’m not one for exercise, really… Unless you could running around in stores a work-out!" she giggled. At the thought of eating somewhere, her stomach began to rumble, and she quickly grabbed it. "Hehe… I kind of like the idea of eating!!"

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